Puppy Parenting 101

Designate a “Room” for Your Puppy

Whether it’s a crate, an indoor doghouse, or a corner of your home office, make sure your puppy has a place to sleep, relax, hide, and play that feels like it’s their own.

Create a Schedule

Getting your puppy acclimated to a routine will help stabilize your puppy’s mood and encourage obedience.

Begin Basic Training Early

Teaching your puppy basic commands—like sit, stay, lay down, and leave—is not only fun, it increases the bond with your dog and helps you parent for good behavior.

Consider the Weather

Taking your pup on lots of walks is great—just be sure to consider the pavement temperature when it’s warm out (It’s very, very hot on sensitive paws!) and that in the icy cold, your dog may enjoy the shorter path!

Take Lots of Pictures

The precious little puppy you see before you today is only going to get bigger. You’ll be glad later that you have tons of adorable pictures of those early months and years.

Stay Up-to-date With Your Vet

Make sure your puppy has regular shots, checkups, and gets medical care if they’re sick—a healthy pup is a happy pup!



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