Keystone Puppies™ Policies


All our puppies, pictures, and prices are accurate to the best of our ability—and if a mistake is made we own it.


We do not work with puppy mills, and we stand against anything that compromises the welfare of our pups.


Breeders that do not meet our high ethical standards are immediately terminated.


We support and encourage our breeders to raise the healthiest, happiest puppies.


We love our puppies and support their best interests in every way we can—from breeding to shipping.


  1. We will honestly, to the best of our ability, list all puppies, pictures, prices and all information on our site accurately.
  2. We will not advertise for any puppy mills, and we strongly discourage against any breeding practices that would compromise the well-being of any puppies or dogs.
  3. Every puppy on the Keystone Puppies™ website is raised by a Keystone Puppies Certified Breeder. (You can always feel secure.)
  4. Any breeder that does not follow all requirements to be a Keystone Puppies Certified Breeder will be immediately terminated.
  5. We will always strive toward excellence by encouraging all our breeders to raise the healthiest puppies that will make for the best family pets.
  6. All puppies listed on Keystone Puppies are advertised with the intention of connecting quality, reputable breeders that raise healthy puppies with responsible, caring, and loving families.
  7. No sick or unhealthy puppy will ever be knowingly sold by a breeder unless the condition is disclosed and understood by both parties.
  8. We will never misrepresent, falsely advertise, or mislead any potential buyer regarding the pedigree, characteristics, and/or temperament of any puppy advertised on Keystone Puppies.
  9. Any puppy that requires air shipping will be handled with compassion by a Keystone Puppies Delivery Specialist and flown only on airlines that offer a Pet Safe program.