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Knows All His Commands

We purchased an American Bulldog name Bentley who was formerly known as Luke at 9 weeks from John Stoltzfus. Bentley is a smart puppy. At 4 months he knows all his commands, is very gentle with our 4 year old daughter and healthy. We get a lot of compliments from people when they see him. We recommend John Stoltzfus to anyone who wants to purchase this breed. Thank you John Stoltzfus

Brought So Much Love

We bought Hamza home 5/6/17 @ 8 Wks, he has brought so much love, happiness and laughter into our home. Also, he is loving his new home. My husband and I are retired but still active. Our children are all adults and have left the nest, and Hamza came with the perfect temperament for us, filling our lives with so much joy... Thank you Keystone Puppies

Super Clean Environement

My husband and I purchased "Tilly" from the Beiler Family and we were utterly pleased. The puppies and mother were in a super clean environment, vaccinated and wormed. The puppy has brought us much joy and we cannot say anything negative about this organization.

Adorable And Full Of Spunk

We picked up our puppy yesterday they had been calling her Heather. but we renamed her Penny and she is adorable and full of spunk

Learning And Training So Fast

We bought our German Shepherd puppy, Opie, from Levi on September 16, 2014. He is perfect! We couldn’t be happier. Levi was prompt when returning my calls and we went to see the puppies the day after I contacted him. The night we brought Opie home it was clear what a wonderful puppy he would be. He pretty much came potty trained, which was a major plus! People stop us everywhere we go to tell us how well behaved and beautiful he is. He is learning and training so fast. We are blessed. I HIGHLY recommend contacting Levi if you are looking for a German Shepherd puppy, you won’t be disappointed! I know we will be contacting him again if we want a sibling for Opie. He even calls to make sure everything is going okay with your puppy. He truly cares about the dogs.

Holly Archambo
Jared McFarland

Went To The Right Place

I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoy the puppy we purchased from you in June. I knew we went to the right place when we met the Shepherds on your farm and they were so friendly. Ranger (Buddy) has been with us for 11 months, and he has been a complete joy. He is so smart and easy to train. He is wonderful with other people and animals. We just could not be happier. We would definitely come back and have recommended you to others. Thank you Levi Glick! Attached is a picture of Ranger just short of 7 months old.

Snuggled With Me

I picked up my adorable puppy yesterday on 05/05/17, he was so cute and snuggled with me on the way back to our home. We went to visit the Vet today and he got a clean bill of health with no problems or issues. The breeder Katie Esh was very friendly and caring about her pups. I also met the parents of my puppy at her home. Katie Esh is an excellent breeder and I would recommend her to everyone. Katie offered her assistance if I had any questions and also called to check on Sage today. Thanks Katie

The Cutest Thing Ever

Joey, a border collie, was my dad's dream come true. He always wanted one for his ranch and when I realized his birthday was coming up, I was determined to find a puppy that he would love. That's when I found Joey! He has made my family, especially my dad, really happy! He is the cutest thing ever. Thank you Keystone Puppies for making the shipping process so simple and fast.

Couldn’t Have Been A Better Choice

Made the trip Friday, 04/28/17, to the Stoltzfus household in Honey Brook to pick out a new Akita puppy. Our family had Akitas for the last 20 years and after our last passed before Thanksgiving we decided we just couldn't go without one. When Emma took me to see the puppies I was afraid I wouldn't be able to choose just one. She was extremely patient with me and I finally made a decision. Our Bella, short for Airabella, couldn't have been a better choice and didn't take long to settle in to our family!! She's extremely smart and playful, loves our 4 yr old Lab and likes meeting anyone new that may stop by. She's definitely a wonderful addition to our family and we thank Melvin and Emma.

Could Not Be More Happy

Picked up our new puppy from Andrew Beiler of Kinzers, PA. Could not be more happy. He acclimated himself to our home quickly and is sleeping, eating and running around quite happily.
Potty training also going quite well without too much frustration. We love him.