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Were Knowledgeable And Professional

Dear Prospective Puppy Purchaser:

I purchased a border collie puppy through Shawn Hostetter with Keystone Puppies and spoke directly to the breeder, David Faus. Both Shawn and David were knowledgeable and professional, answering all questions and following through with all requests. They made the entire experience pleasurable.

The puppy was handled with the utmost care in preparing for and transferring her to the airport in Pennsylvania en-route to her destination in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Mr Hostetter stayed personally involved until she (Maggie) arrived safely. I received a flight itinerary and was updated on her progress from the time she left the breeder to the the time I received her.

The puppy has since been seen by my local Veterinarian and he was very complementary in regards to the puppies health and quality. A vaccination, health and de-worming history was provided by the breeder, David Faus and was appreciated by my Vet.

My experience was nothing less than wonderful as is the puppy! I can highly recommend Keystone Puppies and David Faus, based on my experience.

Thank you,
Ron Reed

Beautiful Border Collie

We got our beautiful border collie from David Faus, after searching all around various puppy websites. And here it is - through we found a beautiful litter of new-born border collies from breeder Mr.David Faus! The whole litter is super healthy, with great parents--both the Mother and Father are incredibly friendly, close-to-people, and gorgeous! We picked this puppy and Mr. David have got all the dewormer and shots ready, with paperwork and Vet Signature! We are sooo grateful for having such a smart, healthy puppy from Mr. Faus, and no question, we are so honored to recommend breeder Mr. David Faus to all our friends!

We Were Impressed

My family and I got this little guy from Levi L. Kauffman of Honeybrook PA in association with Keystone Puppies, LLC at the end of August. We were impressed by the variety of pups available, the space and the cleanliness. The best part is that they are not caged and are very well taken care of. There was no separation anxiety or any other abnormalities due to the expertise of Mr. Kauffman' s placement of mom, being just close enough but not too close. Our family would definitely return and recommend the trip to Honeybrook.

Compliment Of How Beautiful

I purchased a female German Shepherd puppy on June 24th 2017. Her name was Molly and I purchased her from John R. Stoltzfus - located in Gap PA. This puppy is very sound, easily housebroken and I get nothing but compliments of how beautiful she is. Her living quarters prior to me taking her home were very clean and I was able to see both the mom and dad which made me feel assured that I was getting the same dog that I was looking at on the site. John was very friendly and was open to any questions I had about her. All in all it was a very pleasurable experience.

So Happy With Our Puppy

I met the Lapp family and bought Teddy a mini Dapple puppy. I have so many nice things to say about purchasing Teddy!! Mrs Lapp and children are wonderful, happy, caring people!! Teddy the puppy is wonderful and at his vet check the vet even said what a beautiful, happy, healthy puppy Teddy is!! I changed Teddy's name to Tobie. He is amazing and is doing so great house training. He learned the doggie door already, he plays fetch already and is very smart and gentle!!! I would and will highly recommend the Lapps for puppy's my experience was wonderful and we are so happy with our puppy.
Thank you❤️

Beautiful Cane Corso Puppy

My fiancé and I bought a beautiful cane corso puppy from Dave and Maryann. They were very kind and courteous and held the puppy for us for several days. I'm so happy that they did because he's a perfect, healthy little pup and we're so happy to have him as apart of our family. Thank you!

Excellent Bird Dog

Got a Labradoodle from Elam and Katie Stoltzfus. Gentlest dog I've ever seen. Smart and turned out to be a excellent bird dog. I couldn't be happier. Thinking of getting a 2ND.

She Is In Great Health

We have had our goldendoodle for 6 days. Our vet says she is in great health! She is so sweet and so far is a great puppy. Her litter mates were all adorable!!

Healthy And Well Adjusted

I purchased my puppy from John David King. I was so impressed with how accommodating he was through the whole process. I'm from North of Boston and didn't want to drive over seven hours to pick up my puppy and didn't want my puppy to have to fly alone. John David made arrangements to meet me at the airport with the puppy which made the process so much easier. My puppy is so healthy and well adjusted. He slept through the night the first day. John David treats his dogs well and feeds them a very good quality food. Bo Bo now Riley is just an adorable healthy pup and I would definitely recommend him.
Louise M.

Most Intelligent Dog

I bought a German Shepherd puppy from Samuel Riehl in Lancaster County on June 7th 2017. His name was axel and I renamed him Barrett or Bear for short. Bear is without a doubt the most intelligent dog I have ever worked with. He house trained himself, never required a second worming and he already has free run of the house. He is the fastest learner I have ever worked with. I couldn't be more pleased with this puppy. My grandchildren love him! His socialization skills are excellent and I am a single person but he is the ultimate family pet. Thank you Keystone puppies! Thank you Samuel Riehl. I also need to add that the price for this amazing dog was a fantastic deal