Find My Puppy!


Found the dog we didn’t know we needed!

We traveled to PA and picked up our Airedale Terrier, our baby girl, Luna. We met with the family who had the litter and they were very informative on a great 10 week history. All of the planning was over the phone and the breeder was very receptive to my phone calls and was able to answer all my questions before we made the drive.

Our puppy is now 9 months old (so this is a bit delayed) but she has been nothing but healthy and she is our pride and joy!

Roman & Scarlett

I'm December 2015 we decided to get a cane corso puppy. We did lots of research and ended up deciding on a puppy who was then Hampton, now Roman(left). We fell in love with him from the second we had him. I kept getting back on the website and sure enough there was another puppy from his litter left named Hope, now Scarlett(right). She was left for about 4-5 weeks before I couldn't take it anymore and decided to get her too! I can't believe nobody snatched her up before I did! I couldn't be happier with the puppies and breeder we picked! ?

Deb and Larry Lahr

I drove to John and Rachel Esch's farm to pick up our black lab that we named Gracie last night. She rode in the car so well and is such a loving dog. Speaking with the breeder on the phone and meeting her son, I knew right away this puppy came from a very loving home. Gracie is amazing with our 3 year old granddaughter and our son and daughter just adore her. Thank you keystone puppies for helping us find our little love.


Last June we contacted Mr. King about his female King Charles Cavaliers. She was fiesty on the video and fell in love. Talked with Shawn on the phone he arranged the shipping. We have watched Miss Gracie grow have had her health tests and she is a very healthy wonderful living Cavy. They were great to work with.


I just bought à Boston puppy from crist Lapp. I was so impressed with him and family and how he really takes care of the puppies.I saw mommy which was first litter and is a house pet. Very caring and good guarantee plus akc registered I would recommend him to anyone.

New mommy in town

We visited two families in PA to pick one of the two puppies we saw online. We are grateful for meeting these families and for their hospitality. Before buying a puppy from the Keystone Puppies, I did some research online and read some critics about puppy mills, mistreated dogs, and unhealthy animals. Therefore, we wanted to see them ourselves in order to make an informed decision. Soon I realized that people do not know what puppy mills are, and overuse a word just because they can. Both of the families were adorable, the puppies were healthy, and very much loved (why would you let your own toddlers play with an unhealthy animal otherwise??).
Our dog is fierce, brilliant, and adorable! We couldn't be happier with our choice.

Thank you, Dan Lapp, for our little buddy and John Fisher for letting us play with your adorable Yorkiepoo. I hope she'll find a family soon!


We went on the Keystone site and found our boxer puppy in May 2015. We came to Ronks Pa. To the home of the breeder where the litter was kept in excellent clean conditions we met the family, saw both parents of our now 9 month old female boxer Dandilion. Who ls healthy beautiful. An excellent purchase I heard someone critical of Keystone Pups and had to speak up.


It's only been two days with our big boy ACA registered Labrador puppy from Lancaster, PA! He's such a sweetheart. He loves our three boys, ages 8,6, and 2 and has completed our family! Scout is our new best friend and we couldn't be happier!


My parents and I and my brother have always wanted a dog. And now, that dream came true. We were looking for border collies and when we thought all hope was lost, we found Thunder. He was so cute. His eyes had so much story and he was fluffy. We drove 2 hours to the breeder and met the mother, and his brothers and sisters. But he stood out from all of them. Thunder almost looks like a husky and it is so cute. We have had him for two weeks now and he has stolen our hearts. There is no dog better.
Thank you!

Johanna & Rich

Hello All, We adopted our Puppy Caden a Cockapoo back in July 2015 he has brought soo much to our family . He's soo loving gentle with our three boys and other children from our family. Caden is now 9 months Old. He was soo easy to train. Loves to play, Protects his family . We are soo very happy we Choose Caden the Cocka Poo to Join our Family