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Couldn’t Have Been A Better Choice

Made the trip Friday, 04/28/17, to the Stoltzfus household in Honey Brook to pick out a new Akita puppy. Our family had Akitas for the last 20 years and after our last passed before Thanksgiving we decided we just couldn't go without one. When Emma took me to see the puppies I was afraid I wouldn't be able to choose just one. She was extremely patient with me and I finally made a decision. Our Bella, short for Airabella, couldn't have been a better choice and didn't take long to settle in to our family!! She's extremely smart and playful, loves our 4 yr old Lab and likes meeting anyone new that may stop by. She's definitely a wonderful addition to our family and we thank Melvin and Emma.

Could Not Be More Happy

Picked up our new puppy from Andrew Beiler of Kinzers, PA. Could not be more happy. He acclimated himself to our home quickly and is sleeping, eating and running around quite happily.
Potty training also going quite well without too much frustration. We love him.

He is Healthy And Happy

From the first moment we saw this little guy we fell in love with him. He is a healthy and happy little guy. Great temperment and has bonded very quickly and nicely with us and our family. Otter is well socialized and very friendly little puppy. Rachel was awesome to work with and accommodated our shipping needs to ensure that Otter got to us quickly and safely.

Very Smooth And Easy Transition

We got our Boston Terrier Puppy Luna from Keystone. We had fallen in love with the breed after having our last Boston (Lola) who passed away from cancer. So we were sure we wanted a Boston girl. Getting Luna was a very smooth and easy transition. The home she came from was great. I was very skeptical at first, as I had heard about puppy mills, especially in Lancaster, PA. But we were pleasantly surprised to find that Luna was from a loving home that had only the 2 Bostons as pets, not for breeding. The farm was clean and safe and she was well taken care of. We even got to meet her parents and they had lovely, calm, playful personalities. The breeder was very accommodating and took care of her until we came back to pick her up. She had no health problems whatsoever, the only thing she developed was a cherry eye, which is I'm told is very common for Bostons. She is such a sweet little girl and has truly become our little princess. Her personalities is just as described on the site, as she is spunky and always wanting to play. She, and both her parents, were friendly and socialized great, as the farmer (breeder), had them playing with his kids and another puppy. She bonded with us instantly and was trying to sleep in our beds that very night. It was a great experience getting Luna and she is truly a part of the family and makes us feel whole and complete. I'd recommend Keystone to any of my friends looking to get a puppy. It's a trusted, surefire way to get the puppy of your dreams, and is completely legitimate. Luna is our angel, and when we look for another dog one day, I will be sure to come to Keystone Puppies.

I Highly Recommend

I got Argo (Formerly Sonny) last Oct 2016. I am very skeptic giving full payment as they need to ship my puppy to Las Vegas, no problems and I am so happy! I highly recommend Keystone, you can trust them and they were in touch all the time, so there was no room for me to doubt - they care :) That's the photo when I first met Argo and we are inseparable since lol. you can follow him on

My Family Loves Her

We purchased Bronco (formerly Maddie or Maxine) from Amos Fisher (Oxford, PA) in November 2016. Bronco is a wonderful dog. She is totally healthy, full of energy, and has a good temperament. My family loves her. Thank you.

You Can Trust Them


Very Easy To Communicate

My daughter received a labradoodle puppy from David King for Christmas. We love our new puppy Ginger. The King Family was very easy to communicate with about any and all puppy questions.

Mom Was Very Friendly

We purchased Lucy (Gracie) on December 24, from Elam Beiler . Her mom was very friendly and it was obvious that she loved her master. Elam did not have the registration papers on hand but said he will be mailing it to me . I have not yet received her AKC papers but hope they will be coming soon.

Gentleman Who Truly Cared

We recently purchased a jack Russell puppy from Christ King through Keystone puppies. We had heard many tales of Amish puppy mills and the like, and were expecting the worst. Instead we met a delightful gentleman who truly cared about his animals. We were led to his spotlessly clean barn, and shown a beautiful, healthy litter of puppies. Parents in premises, happy puppies and well taken care of animals. We purchased Levi, had him in for a vet check within 24 hours, and not only was he given a Perfectly clean bill of health, we were told he was a very fine example of a jack Russell and was obviously well taken care of from birth. 3 months later we have a perfectly healthy, amazingly bright, funny, delightful puppy! Thank you, Mr King and the keystone puppy family!!