Find My Puppy!


Christ King

We recently purchased a jack Russell puppy from Christ King through Keystone puppies. We had heard many tales of Amish puppy mills and the like, and were expecting the worst. Instead we met a delightful gentleman who truly cared about his animals. We were led to his spotlessly clean barn, and shown a beautiful, healthy litter of puppies. Parents in premises, happy puppies and well taken care of animals. We purchased Levi, had him in for a vet check within 24 hours, and not only was he given a Perfectly clean bill of health, we were told he was a very fine example of a jack Russell and was obviously well taken care of from birth. 3 months later we have a perfectly healthy, amazingly bright, funny, delightful puppy! Thank you, Mr King and the keystone puppy family!!

Deitsch formerly known as Maxwell

Our family found the most beautiful mini labradoodle with the King family in Mannheim. We are delighted to have this smart, healthy, beautiful pup!❤️ Thanks Keystone for a wonderful experience!


I looked for weeks for a puppy and let me tell you there are lots of scam artists and people that want you to send them money. Keystone was a god send. Shawn and the King family were completely legitimate and respectful. They provided me with high caliber, loveable Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy. If you fear that you will get taken for tons of cash my best advice is to use Keystone.

Comet (aka Tanner)

In late October we lost our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (Dasher) to CHF. It was heartbreaking (he was 10 years old). Knowing that this breed has a propensity to have MVD that can turn into CHF, I did everything in my power to resist. We searched the shelters and checked out many websites. Of course, the biggest concern was not buying from a puppy mill. We also checked with many reputable breeders. When I saw Tanner (Susan Glick was the breeder) on your website, I melted. All caution was thrown to the wind and I called to make an appointment for my husband and I to meet him. When we arrived at the Glicks, I was instantly in love – their home was clean. The mother dog was there (I would have adopted her as well, what a sweetie) and “Tanner” was the last puppy. Very social – extremely well kept. I knew he was ours,(His name is now Comet -we are on a reindeer kick I think). Susan said that she had been working with him and that he was partially housebroken, something I would never expect from such a young guy. After a week in our home, he definitely knew that Potty was for outside. He has been a joy. Our vet said that he is healthy (I can’t guarantee nothing will come up genetically, but so far so good). Thank you for your involvement. We are in love.


As you can see, Bandit has made himself right at home. He has filled our home with laughter in just a few hours. He is very much loved and we are so glad he has become a part of our family. Have to say our whole experience with the King family has been wonderful. We have been treated so great and their farm is absolutely beautiful. They have been very helpful in making sure Bandit fits right in with our family and they have given suggestions on how to insure Bandit gets the best care. A Truly awesome experience. Thank you King family for Bandit!


Last week my sweet sweet Lyla turned 1! I was so surprised last Christmas when a teeny tiny little pomeranian walked into the middle of the room as we were opening presents and I have been in LOVE ever since! She is the sweetest little girl, such a loyal friend and is always ready to play! She's very well known around my apartment building as she is always so happy to meet new people and is happiest when she makes a new friend! I love my little fur baby so much and am so very grateful to have her!

Ernie aka Jax!

Good Jack russell terrier. Had him for 2 weeks, all is good. Chris King seems to really love the puppies.
He gives them a hug goodbye when he sells them. I would bye them all if I could. Jax is in training for a service dog for asthma. Jax is a fast learner.

Jax is on the right!


Our family could not have asked for a better first dog for our family. Zeus is a German Shepherd/ Husky, 100lbs and will be 2 years old in December. He's not aggressive towards anyone or anything. He most certainly loves his grandparents, and loves to talk. We drove 8 hours to pick him up, and would drive it again for another. Now we're just waiting for the family we bought Zeus from to have more puppies, because Zeus is just great.

Thank you,
The Proud family of 4.

Such a great puppy

My husband and I were looking to expand our family first with a fur baby. I searched for chocolate lab puppies and this website came up. We found a great dog and we are so glad we chose to use this website to find us our fur baby! Our lives wouldn't be the same without her, we just love her to pieces!


What a wonderful puppie

We traveled from New Jersey looking for a Labrador puppy. We met the family. They had one adult family dog. Not a puppy mill. I can't say enough good things about the experience. I would adopt another puppy from that family.