Find My Puppy!


I Love My Puppy

Thank You Aquilla Smucker! I love my puppy. I took her to the vet she's great! No fleas no worms.... Love her we named her Sophie...journeys angle of grief.

I Would Refer Them To Anyone

I got a yorkiepom her name was didi we named her daisy Daniel and Shawn were very nice to talk too. I would refer them to anyone. Thanks again

Our Family Lost Our Faithful Dog

Our family lost our faithful dog of 13 years last week. We decided to find a Morkie puppy to join our family. Spartacus is an exceptional puppy and we plan on enjoying his company for many, many years. He is the cutest!
Thank you:)

We Lost Our Chocolate Lab Max

We just got our chocloate lab puppy yesterday from Calvin Lapp Leola, PA. Calvin was so nice and we also met his children also very nice. When we drove into the long drive and parked our car we were greeted by 3 chocolate labs all very friendly and beautiful. Then we met the puppies it was so much fun picking. We lost our chocolate lab Max 11.5 yrs old and our house was too quiet without Max. We will never forget our Max but it is nice to have a new puppy in the house. Calvin Lapp thank you Nancy

The Breeder Was Honest And Very Open

We got a Labrador from a breeder listed in this site (Melvin Schmucker I guess). Wonderful people and healthy puppies. It was a 2 hour drive, but totally worth it. We went a week earlier to check on the puppy and pay some money in advance to book the puppy. There was only one chocolate lab and we made it 5 min early. If not we would have lost him to another couple. Sorry guys, but we love him so much we did not want to miss him. He had a small infection after we got him, not sure where he contracted it, but we got him treated and he doing great mow. He is healthy and loves us. He is awesome. I would recommend this breeder and the website which makes it so easy for us to buy a puppy, the entire experience was great. They have a large collection of breeds and we will hitting this site again, when we decide to get another puppy to play with our lab.

The breeder was honest and very open, reasonably priced and a good man. Appreciate all the help Melvin and Key Stone Puppies Group. Thank you so much for the wonderful puppy who is a great addition to our family.

His Farm Was Immaculate

On December 7th of 2012, we traveled to Drumore, PA to see a German Shepard puppy bred by Mr. Levi Glick. Needless to say, we could't leave without her. Mr. Glick had both the mother and father there to see; they were impressive and his farm was immaculate. All his animals were extremely healthy looking. We have now had Karly for 5 weeks and are totally in love with her; she is well behaved and smart; already is just about house broken, knows down, sit and stay. All this at 13 weeks. Our vet said "we got a winner"; she is healthy and has a strong heartbeat. Our dog trainer is impressed with her too. I would send anyone looking for a great quality German Shepard to Levi Glick. And, he called to make sure we were pleased with our puppy. We are totally pleased with Mr. Glick and our Karly.

Our Puppy Arrived In Los Angeles Happy

We purchased a labradoodle (prancer) from keystone. Shawn did an outstanding job of getting him to us on New Year's Eve before I had to leave to be away from my family for a short time. Shawn dealt with all if the issues related to cancelled flights due to the weather. Our puppy arrived in Los Angeles happy and well. Thank you Shawn, my kids are extremely happy.

He Is Wonderfull And Is Already Feeling At Home

Thank you Shawn for making sure that our puppy Shorkie whom we've named Chewy arrived safely from Pennsylvania to Anchorage, Alaska for Christmas. He is wonderful and is already feeling at home. Shawn kept us updated throughout the process and we were able to track his journey on-line. We were notified as soon as he landed were to pick him up and all his papers were with him.

Very Thorough On His Communications

We purchased the best little cavachon through Keystone. Shawn and Shawna were both very nice to work with throughout. Shawn had to airship our puppy to Ohio but it went off without a hitch. Shawn is very thorough on his communications throughout the shipping and I think may have have fallen in love with our little puppy as well. Our puppy has adapted very quickly and was in really good shape in spite of her journey. Thanks Shawn

I Am Impressed So Much

I just received the best gift for Christmas and for life ..her name is Kiara (Kiki) and she is amazing!!! I am impressed so much with her and she lifts my winter blues away!!! I thank God for her in my life <3 She was the last of the litter (Bessie) and she became NUMBER ONE in our hearts! Thank you Aaron and family for taking such good care of her until she became MY LOVE!!!