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I Would Highly Recommend Purchasing With Keystone Puppies

Our son, Zac, wanted a golden doodle for his college graduation. It was our first experience having a pup shipped, and it was an absolutely seamless journey to say the least. Shawn was so helpful and prompt in arranging travel plans and keeping us updated. Words cannot express the look on our sons face when his new package arrived at the airport, safe and sound. I would highly recommend purchasing with Keystone puppies and one of their reputable breeders. He is even cuter than we could have imagined, and his temperament is amazing! Looking forward to providing this new pup a loving home and lots of attention. He is a gem.

Shared Their Love With These Puppies

On Saturday, we met our puppies and knew we had to have both of them. I love and respect Amos King and his family. They definitely shared their love with these puppies. They are healthy, happy and extremely lovable. We even met the mother, who was a huge puppy herself. She loves to have our attention. Plus, Amos's son was the most adorable little man...he always had a handful of dog food and would drop one pellet at a time and the dogs would follow him around. How smart is that? This little man (not even 2) was training these puppies. I strongly recommend any future litters they may have. You will have a great companion. God's creatures at their finest.

Very happy

Found your site and sawad for a border collie. Met with Daniel King but decided to go with a bordoodle he had. We drove 2 hour there and 2 hours home with a car sick puppy. Tomorrow will be a year 4/5 since we took him home and it has been wonderful. His name was Gino but we changed it to Indy. He is the happiest, smartest and sweetest dog we have ever owned. He has been a best friend to our 15 year old pom.

Finally Found Him

My family of 4 have been looking for the perfect puppy! We finally found him! I drove 2 hours to get him & the puppy throw up was worth it in the long run!

Woke Up With Her It Was Worth The Drive

Yesterday our family took a long road trip to pick up our new addition, Sugar. The ride home was long, but this morning when we woke up with her it was worth the drive.

We Had Been Looking For Months

We had been looking for months for a puppy... Then we spotted this lil guy. His name at the time was Teddy Bear. Which fit him perfectly ,But we wanted to give him a name he could grow into. So Jax it is . The breeder Lillian Stoltzfus was very friendly and knowledgeable and had everything taken care of when we go there. We ‘ve had him for 3 weeks now. And we love him more everyday !!

Our Home Has Been So Filled With Love

I had searched in my area for a mini goldendoodle, only to find that the best I could do was be put on a waiting list. No thanks! One of the breeders had spoke to me about transporting dogs by flying, and convinced me that it was done all of the time and worked out well, so I searched on Google and found even better than I had hoped for at Keystone Puppies. Shawn handled all of the arrangements very professionally, And the breeder, Eli was also very helpful. Our puppy arrived in great condition, even after a full day of travel. Our home has been so filled with love and joy by this wonderful puppy. I would highly recommend Keystone Puppies .

She Has Become Part Of My Family

As a gift for Christmas, I was given a puppy. I picked her out weeks before Christmas and was even able to go meet her at 6 weeks old. Although I had to wait until the day after Christmas to pick her up, it was very nice of the breeder to let us meet her before picking her up. Honestly I will use Keystone Puppies in the future just because of how safe and secure the process was. Now my puppy is 4 months old and she has become part of my family and I have Keystone Puppies to thank for that!

I Finally Found The Cutest Cockapoo Puppy

I spent MONTHS hunting for a cockapoo. I finally found the cutest cockapoo puppy, the breeder was Karolyn Wenger which is Amazing!! Karolyn is honest, up front and cares about her puppies which is not easy to find! It is obvious that her puppies are used to children, handled regularly, clean, cared for, socialized. I highly recommend anyone looking for a cockapoo check out Karolyn Wengers cockapoos. My whole family is in LOVE with our new addition.I am so Thankful for all that she did, our new puppy is absolutely Amazing, Loving and exactly what I prayed for!!

Very Helpful With Transporting

Thank you to Shawn & Abigail's breeder Alvin. Alvin was responsive,very kind & kept us updated when the puppy was with him. Shawn was very helpful with transporting & taking care of the puppy to the airport. We were hesitant at first but do recommend Keystone Puppies due to our positive experience!