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February 22, 2016

Last June we contacted Mr. King about his female King Charles Cavaliers. She was fiesty on the video and fell in love. Talked with Shawn on the phone he arranged the shipping. We have watched Miss Gracie grow have had her health tests and she is a very healthy wonderful living Cavy. They were great to work with.
- Cheryl

February 22, 2016

I just bought à Boston puppy from crist Lapp. I was so impressed with him and family and how he really takes care of the puppies.I saw mommy which was first litter and is a house pet. Very caring and good guarantee plus akc registered I would recommend him to anyone.
- Sherry

February 18, 2016

We visited two families in PA to pick one of the two puppies we saw online. We are grateful for meeting these families and for their hospitality. Before buying a puppy from the Keystone Puppies, I did some research online and read some critics about puppy mills, mistreated dogs, and unhealthy animals. Therefore, we wanted to see them ourselves in order to make an informed decision. Soon I realized that people do not know what puppy mills are, and overuse a word just because they can. Both of the families were adorable, the puppies were healthy, and very much loved (why would you let your own toddlers play with an unhealthy animal otherwise??).
Our dog is fierce, brilliant, and adorable! We couldn't be happier with our choice.

Thank you, Dan Lapp, for our little buddy and John Fisher for letting us play with your adorable Yorkiepoo. I hope she'll find a family soon!
- New mommy in town

February 16, 2016

We went on the Keystone site and found our boxer puppy in May 2015. We came to Ronks Pa. To the home of the breeder where the litter was kept in excellent clean conditions we met the family, saw both parents of our now 9 month old female boxer Dandilion. Who ls healthy beautiful. An excellent purchase I heard someone critical of Keystone Pups and had to speak up.
- kgrand319

February 13, 2016

It's only been two days with our big boy ACA registered Labrador puppy from Lancaster, PA! He's such a sweetheart. He loves our three boys, ages 8,6, and 2 and has completed our family! Scout is our new best friend and we couldn't be happier!
- Sarah

February 12, 2016

My parents and I and my brother have always wanted a dog. And now, that dream came true. We were looking for border collies and when we thought all hope was lost, we found Thunder. He was so cute. His eyes had so much story and he was fluffy. We drove 2 hours to the breeder and met the mother, and his brothers and sisters. But he stood out from all of them. Thunder almost looks like a husky and it is so cute. We have had him for two weeks now and he has stolen our hearts. There is no dog better.
Thank you!
- Luke

February 7, 2016

Hello All, We adopted our Puppy Caden a Cockapoo back in July 2015 he has brought soo much to our family . He's soo loving gentle with our three boys and other children from our family. Caden is now 9 months Old. He was soo easy to train. Loves to play, Protects his family . We are soo very happy we Choose Caden the Cocka Poo to Join our Family
- Johanna & Rich

February 3, 2016

We got our beautiful female boxer Nala from you all as a christmas gift on Dec 19,2013. We had her shipped from PA to CA. Her name was originally Galaxy but i changed it. I had to drive to LA to pick ger up from the airport which is 3 hours away from where i live but it was well worth the drive n money spent when i got her. She is an amazing dog, very loving and caring to my my new born so . I would always recommend anyone to you all n be a repeated customer myself.
- Tonie & Marquita Tayborn

February 2, 2016

We picked up Fox now named Monte our Alaskan heeler Friday afternoon and just love him so much! Ty we couldn't be happier
- Maureen and Ray Mitchell

January 31, 2016

I bought my shih poo from the Stoltzfus family in New Holland PA. they were a wonderful couple. The puppy was originally named Alex but we changed it to WinZig Kleine. We will be calling him Ziggy. His first name means "Tiny" in German and his last name means small. Ironically and accidentally when both words are used together in a sentence it means teeny-weenie. The puppy is absolutely perfect! He's very smart, learns fast and pretty much housebroken himself!
thank you Keystone puppies
- Gary Jackson

January 23, 2016

We picked up Zac the last week of Dec. from Samuel Lapp. I drove to Quarryville, PA to get him; 4 hours each way and it was worth every minute. He is an awesome puppy. He has been seen by two different vets and both were highly impressed with his build, health and temperament. He is great with our grandson; totally lovable and intelligent. He's so perfect we even kept the name. We are so blessed to have him as part of our family.
- Efrain and Shantel, NY

January 21, 2016

I got Pacino (a.k.a. Nibbles) a few days after Christmas from John Stoltzfus in Gordonville, PA. He definitely lives up to his original name...nibbling away! But typical puppy-chew. He loves his bones and toys and, looking at the picture, you can tell he's already spoiled and loving his new home. He also loves people and playing with other dogs. Lastly, since the first night he has slept through the night and was crate-trained when I got him, so I have no complaints! 2nd vet visit is this weekend, but the 1st he checked out perfectly!
- Jennifer

January 20, 2016

We picked up Marshmallow, or as we call her now, Sky Blue, from Sam Smucker on Christmas Eve. She is such an amazing puppy. Very smart and has a calm temperment. The breeder was so accommodating. We could not be happier.
- Theresa Krause

January 20, 2016

My boyfriend and I found our pug puppy through Keystone Puppies a couple of days before Christmas 2015. We are very happy! He has had two vet appointments and is perfectly healthy. He came from the Fisher family and was obviously cared for well. I would recommend this family to anyone who is searching for a pug puppy.
- Stacey M

January 19, 2016

I got snoopy know as Winston by David Fisher breeder on July 3, 2014 a day before my birthday. He's my companion, my baby boy. I love him so much and I missed him when he was away for about 6 months. But thank God I got him back and now is going to stay forever with us. The only thing that the breeder need to work on is on training them to use wee wee pads. Other than that he's been wonderful with my kids. I got him a partner which he already make five puppies. I fortunetly found them a forever home.

January 18, 2016

I wanted a black lab puppy for the longest time. I grew up with our family dog being a lab and I had to get another. I searched and found Keystone Puppies and Barbie and Jacob Stoltzfus. The whole process of meeting them and getting my puppy was wonderful! They were so nice and easy to work with. I love my pup Tucker- he has definitely brightened my life! I would recommend Keystone Puppies to anyone and especially The Stoltzfus Family in Quarryville, PA :)
- Emily Fritz

January 12, 2016

My son wanted a puppy for Christmas so I started looking into the Internet and came across keystone puppies, found the puppy we wanted but the breeder didn't want to ship any of her puppies so we drove 22 hours to New Holland PA on Christmas day to get our cutest member of our family. Ms Anna Marrie Beiler was just amazing. Thanks Keystonepuppies!
- Grace Anaya

January 12, 2016

On December 23rd I purchased a beautiful, calm, very smart AKC Black lab pup from Aaron King of Honeybrook. We love her so much! If anyone local has purchased one of our "Daiquiri's" litter mates, please contact me for possible play dates and compare notes! Born Sept. 28,2015. Mother/Father:Cherokee & Weston. Some were chocolate labs! Text or call: 717-278-6357❤️
- Joy Fritz

January 6, 2016

We were looking for a mini-goldendoodle and discovered Keystone Puppies. Meeting some puppies raised questions for us, so I contacted Keystone Puppies and the national equivalent. I received an immediate response from Keystone and after an half hour conversation with one of their staff felt comfortable about going back to the breeder and bringing our new boy home. I am still waiting for the national puppy finding organization to reply to me.
Our Dexter, formerly Lester, came from an Amish farm in Paradise, PA. The breeders were very kind. When we met him, Dexter came to my son and I immediately and sat at our feet. He is a sweet, yet fun and energetic boy who is well loved and cared for by all who meet him. He is shedding considerably for a pup who is supposed to be 3/4 Poodle, but we love him anyway. He seems to be quite healthy and well adjusted. Still has a "tinkling" accident occasionally. This seems to occur when we are not paying attention. At this point, he is only crated if no one is home with him.
Without the time and attention I received from Keystone, we would not have gone back to pick him up. What a shame that would have been to miss out on this great experience. Thank you to all the caring people at Keystone Puppies!
- Wendy

January 6, 2016

I drove a good distance to get our German Shepherd puppy as an AKC certification is important to me for health certifications more than anything else.I first met Bella Luna,(my wife insists our fur babies have two names as Well!),Anyhoo,her name initially was Nelly and the breeders name is Sam Riehl,he was real understanding that I was still real raw at losing my boy Navar alittle while ago and worked with me on Nelly,(now Bella Luna),I had an instant click with Bella(if your an animal lover you will get what I mean and just,understand),after all the paperwork was done and we parted ways,Bella sat on my lap the whole way home,(3 hour drive with several potty stops,water and food breaks)just looking at me and a very content little soul.My wife adored her from the outset but she is a daddy's girl,no doubt.Bella is a very healthy puppy just short of 8 months old now( didn't want to write a testimonial until she had been home with us some 5 1/2 months) our vets are very happy with her,she has thrived well and is very even tempered and a gentle soul,very playful and just happy.We feed her a very healthy Blue Buffalo diet but she will try anything once,I am grateful we have a healthy puppy and that comes from good breeding and healthy parents,I know she was loved by the breeders kids as the youngest son was very upset when she left,so much so the breeder asked if I could open the door again so his son could say goodbye. Don't know if the breeders read these testimonials but if they do,let your kids know Nelly is doing great and is in a much loved home sitting beside me as I write this.I will always miss my boy Navar, but Bella Luna helps heal my sadness and she is a vibrant injection of love into our home.
- Chris&Michele

January 5, 2016

We purchased our Yorkie from David Stolzfus in October 2015. I have to say David was absolutely wonderful from my 1st phone call to him. My puppy Benji aka Franky has been a complete joy to have for myself and my kids. We are absolutely in love with him. As a matter of fact I just made another call to David for another Yorkie. If you are looking for a pup David is absolutely a wonderful breeder. And helpful from day 1.
- Juli Kapschull

December 31, 2015

We got sassy from mervin King down in Kinzers and the whole process was a joy! mervin was professional and made it very easy to buy her the dogs were all beautiful and lived on a beautiful farm. Thanks for r new pup and when it's time for r next I'll b heading back
- Mike lindenmuth

December 28, 2015

I can't say enough about Keystone puppies. We got Bella (Maggie) in October and we couldn't love her more. She is super friendly, energetic, and smart all things you want in a German shepherd. Thank you!
- Sue

December 26, 2015

We purchased a Caviler mix puppy from Shawn of Keystone Puppies, and, the breeder, Susan from Gap Pa. Every part of our transaction was, without contest, outstanding! Susan and Shawn are both knowledgeable and professional, and they stayed in touch every step of the way. In this day and age, one must proceed cautiously when purchasing anything online, never mind a puppy who will become a member of the family for many years to come. However, this duo were completely in-tuned to our wants and needs. We have been blessed with the perfect puppy! I highly recommend these two professionals.
- Terry from Boston

December 26, 2015

I have a mini aussiedoodle named Saskia. Her original name was Lily, The Breeder is named Melvin Beiler. I had a good experience getting her. The breeders will answer all your questions. When you go pick up the puppies make she you are able to watch them play first so you can see what there like with people as well as other dogs. If they don't let you then find another breeder. Melvin and his family allowed us to watch them and play with them. I choose my puppy because she was the most submissive. I also got to meet many of the dogs on the farm. In Including both of my puppies parents and her half sister. Every dog I met there was so sweet and loving. They gave me some food to start me off. She was 8 weeks old. She is currently 11weeks old. She is so sweet, lots of fun, and was easy to crate train. She gets along great with our family's 8 year old Labradoodle. They play all day long. I am 21 year old. She is my first dog. If you are looking for a first dog I would recommend a Aussiedoodle. They are so smart. They are very energetic but also loves to cuddle. The best part is that she does not shed!! You wont have to always be cleaning up hair! She is a great addition to our family.
- Adoption Nov. 30, 2015

December 23, 2015

We recently purchased the most beautiful, healthy and loving Goldador from Crist Lapp. This breeder was incredible with us, he was patient, kind and full of helpful information. We took the puppy to the vet right when we got her and they said she was in perfect health! I HIGHLY recommend this site and Crist. Having our new puppy has changed our life for the better. We are so happy and our hearts are filled with love! Thank you Keystone.
- Mr and Mrs Brown

December 21, 2015

My Husband and I purchased a female Rottweiler from breeder Anna Beiler. She made the transfer so easy. We lost our 13yr. Old Rotti Onyx July of 2014. Purchasing this new baby is a wonderful way to end the year. We named her Egypt. Thanks, Anna!!
- Stephanie

December 17, 2015

I would recommend Keystone Puppies to anyone looking for a caring, honest and reputable person to go for a puppy. They were great with the whole process in adopting Boe. He is 100% healthy to this day. we haven't had ANY issues with him.. He is silly, loving and is amazing with our 7 grandchildren ranging from 6 yrs to 3 mths and I adopted my Golden Retriever Boe, 9 mths ago from Stephen Allgyer at Keystone Puppies. I had an issue with Boe on the 3 hr trip home. He had an accident and I was concerned. When I returned home I reached out and called Stephen and his wife gave him the message and he quickly called me back. He suspected it might be the dewormer, so he called his vet. I told him I was going to my vet in the morning. Stephen told me if there was any problem that he would cover the bill or exchange my puppy. It turned out that my Boe was car sick and nervous, as I figured it probably would be. he knows his limits with each one without telling him. we have a 9yr old mix also and they get along great....Summer keeps him busy...LOL. Reason why we got Boe to keep her young. I can't say enough good things about Keystone. When I am looking for another puppy (Summer is 9yrs) I will be putting in my request at Keystone.
- Doreen

December 16, 2015

We did a lot of research before choosing Knix, aka Malorie, a F1B miniature Golden doodle. My son has serious allergies. From the moment she arrived home she fit right in and we all love her so much. She is so smart with a sweet temperament and so eager to please. Our vet confirmed she is a healthy pup and all the staff fell in love with her too! We are so thankful to Keystone Puppies, we love our little fur baby! Thank you again for helping us find the perfect addition to our family. And to those who think that some of the breeders are puppy mills, I admit I was skeptical, but the farm and home where she was born was beautiful! Both mom and dad dog were on the property along with the other puppies, all appeared very happy and well taken care of with a large yard to run and play! The children were playing with the pups. Our sweet girl is so good with children, I think this is because the family spends quality time with the puppies! We are very pleased with the entire process. I highly recommend Keystone puppies!
- Christine

December 15, 2015

I purchased a beautiful English Mastiff from Janie Beiler, wonderful experience, Janie always got back to me when I had any questions. The puppy is all she promised and more! Thank you.
- Kevin S.

December 14, 2015

We picked up Baby AKA Fern last week afte losing our precious jack Russell terrier. Our hearts were broken. She's filling a void in our hearts. We love her. Henry King was very nice to deal with and got riight back to us when we called. We love our new addition Fern!!!t
- Jennifer

December 5, 2015

We just picked up our German Shepard puppy aka China from Omar! What a wonderful experience we drove almost 300 miles our puppy was well worth the drive. Let alone Omar he was wonderful to deal it's I'm very impatient but he was gracious always called back I'd do it all over again thank you Omar for our precious little girl,you've made us a very happy family
- Linda and Jonathan Galinski

December 3, 2015

I purchased Lola now known as Chloe, a Mini Australian Shepherd from John King in Christiana PA in November. Very pleasant experience as both he and his wife were very friendly, professional and great to communicate with. I was looking for a new travel companion that would also be great around horses. I picked her up in PA on a Friday and we were in Wellington Florida 3 days later. She's perfect, loves the car, seems to like to travel and is super around the horses, plus EVERYBODY loves her! Thank you Keystone and The King Family for this beautiful, super sweet, loving and loyal companion! Will update again once she's a bit older.
- Kim

November 27, 2015

We purchased Maggie, a beautiful two month old Rottweiler from Reuben Lapp in May 2014. We had her shipped out to us (Flagstaff, Az.) by Keystone Puppies without a hitch. Maggie is now our entire life. She is without a doubt, the best pet-companion we have ever had. She has such a good disposition that we are the envy of all our friends because of her. She is now 28 inches high across her back and 115 pounds. She is the love of our life.
- Gil and Shelby Hagmaier

November 22, 2015

My employer has a mini Goldendoodle as a Comfort Dog for Hospice patients. I have fallen in love with the little guy. I talk about him constantly. My husband decided to get me one for Christmas as a surprise. He brought this sweet girl (Molly) home to me yesterday! I am head over heels for her. She has the best temperament, sweetest personality and has fit right in. She is amazing with the kids and I couldn't be happier!
- Nicole

November 20, 2015

A few months ago (September 19) my husband and I took the trip down to Ronks, PA to pick up this beautiful reverse brindle boxer puppy Mac from Crist Lapp. Overall we had a wonderful experience with Mr. Lapp. He was extremely polite, knowledgeable and helpful with us during this process before by phone and when we arrived. The farm is clean, all the puppys were well kept, happy, and healthy. We were provided will proper documents and a take home puppy kit.
Mac is a wonderful puppy!
- Chris & Katie Warzecho

November 18, 2015

My husband picked up sweetie on Monday and when he got home with her she fit right in with my family. My kids and us love her so much already. She loves following my cat fluffy around and he is so good with her. She is such and adorable friendly and playing puppy. Thankns again from my family to you
- Emily & julio

November 14, 2015

Here is Bruno now at a year old no health problem just a ton of fun will be looking for another soon from Chris Lapp.
- nwhitney

November 13, 2015

I purchased a puppy "tiger" from Christ Lapp at Harvest View Boxers. We are so thrilled to have "tiger" now "Kane", as apart of our family. I am very satisfied with his services and he truly does provide quality boxer puppies. It was a great experience and I highly recommend his puppies.. You will not be disappointed!
- Anna Rowan

November 9, 2015

we purchased Jax Dallas (formally Scooby) from the Beiler Family in Mount Joy, Pa back in July. JD is the cutest, most playful puppy ever! He loves to play fetch with mommy, daddy, myself and my 2 sisters. Every morning and whenever we come home he's always so happy to see us. He's so spoiled it's not even funny! Jax enjoys napping under the coffee table and barking at squirrels as well as playing with our neighbors Bichon puppy. We are beyond THRILLED to have Jax in our family. he's the perfect addition. we love him to the moon and back!
- Kaycee Kandarczyk

November 2, 2015

Friday (October 30, 2015) my wife and I purchased a boxer puppy from Harvest View Boxers. I drove from Charleston, SC on Friday, met with Mr. Crist Lapp, and completed all paper work for Twinkle ( who is now Sarah ).

Mr. Lapp was extremely friendly and helpful. Sarah is wonderful. I drove back to Charleston, SC with Sarah on Saturday. The total experience was very, very good.

She is a quality puppy. Thank You. We will update you as Sarah matures.
- Jim Fortier

November 1, 2015

We lost one of our Cavaliers very suddenly to a very aggressive form of cancer just before she her 13th birthday. Our remaining Cavalier, Ginny, was lonely and cried all day for her "sister" and we were heart broken. Ginny is a puppy mill rescue and we used Keystone to avoid doing business with one. I did considerable research including calling the PA Dept of Agriculture and the dog warden who does inspections in Kinzers. We bought Teddy (formerly Frosty) from the Stoltzfus Family in Kinzers, PA in January. Lydia allowed us to bring Ginny in to help select one of the 3 remaining puppies. She never rushed us or said anything to influence our choice. We were there for almost 2 hours and found Teddy to be the best companion for Ginny. He is a wonderful puppy, very smart and our trainer has even commented that he is very quick to learn. He has a great personality. He's a "rock star" in the neighborhood and all the children love him and yell "Teddy!' when they see him. He loves people and other animals and loves to visit the farm animals next door. He is wonderful with Ginny. Having had Cavalier King Charles Spaniels for over 25 years we can highly recommend the breed, Keystone Puppies and The Stoltzfus family.
- Rick & Barbara

October 26, 2015

We purchased Teddy and TJ (brothers) boxer puppies from the Lapp family. Here they are now. Tyson and Rocky. They are great puppies! Full of energy. We love them so much, and as you can see they love each other so much!
- Gina Smith & Rachel Shaughnessy

October 25, 2015

we purchased a pug named daisy on oct. 9, 2015 from mrs lapp. we are very happy with her. we had her first vet check the week we received her, and the vet said she was adorable and in good health. she is full of energy and enjoys being around family. I really wish I could have taken her sister, daffy also, but financially I could not. mrs lapp very nice and friendly. she also has very cute children playing with the puppies. thank you again for the new addition to our family. would recommend this breeder.
- non

October 23, 2015

We bought Quincy the cavapoo (former Duke) in May 2013. He is the sweetest boy who loves to play! We love him so much and hope everyone gets to experience the love and companionship like we do.
- John and Suzann

October 20, 2015

I brought a Havanese puppy on October 3, 2015. Her name is Cassie (was Bashful). We are so happy with her. She is so lovable, playful and catches on quick. We love her so much. Thank you John Zook and KeyStone!
- Debora G.

October 6, 2015

We are so happy we chose Keystone to get our beautiful black lab. The 3 hour drive was worth it. We already recommended This site to a handful of people. Our puppy is healthy and playful and now named Meatloaf. The pick up was wonderful and our breeders were so kind. I definitely recommend this to anyone. We love her and so does our 3 year old black lab. Thank you so much!
- Halle Yashkus

September 27, 2015

We have had willow since June 2014! She is the best thing ever and fits into our family perfect' thank you again! We love our little girl!
- Jade

September 26, 2015

We purchased our nine week old Shepard from Martin King in September of 2015. She was originally known as rabbit. I can see why, considering when she's excited she hops. She is now called Casie. She is wonderful. Great personality and extremely smart. She was well worth the five hour trip. Casie already has learned to sit, stay, and is mostly trained to go outside to the bathroom. She's gotten better on the leash and learns very quickly. Casie's almost doubled in size, her intelligence surprising us every day from being able to push open sliding glass doors to sitting for treats. We couldn't have gotten a better dog. Thank you, Martin.
- Dillon/Dolby

September 18, 2015

ROCCO aka Tyson, was purchased in February 2014 from Crist Lapp in Ronks PA. After just losing our female boxer Koda , Mike and I along with our 3 kids felt an emptiness not only in our hearts but in our home. We will never forget Koda but Rocco has brought the joy, laughter and love back into our home. Our family loves the Boxer breed and will always deal with Crist Lapp from Keystone Puppies. Thank you Crist for giving us Rocco (Tyson).
- The Langellotti Family

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